I work with creative leaders who want
to craft a remarkable company culture

My clients are creative, caring and connected to a purpose.
They lead a team of brilliant people with their whole heart.
They want to make an impact by creating products and services that help real people have better lives.

Is this you?

i am a Team Leader

You are a team leader who wants to have fun leading a team that cares, adapts, and consistently gives it their all. You want to create a great place to work. A place free of politics, tension, and stagnation where talented people want to stay and work. 

i am a business leader

You are a business owner who has an amazing team supporting you to bring your vision to life. Your business is growing and you want to make sure to keep the energy, creativity, and family feeling alive as you scale. 

Leadership Development

At its heart, leadership is about human relationships and relationships are messy! I help clients learn new leadership skills, step into their own authentic leadership presence, increase emotional and relational intelligence, prepare for difficult conversations, and consciously co-create an amazing team culture. 

Team Coaching

A team is more than the sum of the individuals. A team taken as whole is a living, dynamic body with its own intelligence, purpose, and even moods. I work with the team body to understand it's needs, help it to evolve to the next stage of development, and clear out any blocks to connection, aliveness, and creativity. 


Organizational Design

I work with leaders to design bespoke ways to run their organizations and businesses. We work together to create new principles, practices, and processes that fully support that type of company culture my clients want to create. We also work together to design the transition experience so it feels really good. 



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